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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2013: In Review

2013.  Last year is likely to go down as the worst year ever for the Kuhnle family.  This is in part why my blog has been neglected.

As a final goodbye to the horrid year that was 2013, and a welcome to what can only be a good year in comparison, may I present to you a summary of our year - 2013: In Review.

Our year started with the realization that there was indeed something going on with Sofia.  A second autism diagnosis in our family came our way soon after.

A nightmare of a family vacation with all of Kevin's brothers, sister-in-laws and our nieces and nephews.  This was rough - no fault of anybody at all, everybody tried to help.

Joined an autism support group - this was probably the best thing that happened to us through the year.  We were welcomed with open arms, and found a group of people who understand.

Hank (our potbelly pig) died.  No more to say on that subject.

Therapy, therapy, therapy.  And more therapy.  Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Behaviorists, Family Relief Workers, ABA therapists, IBI therapists, Infant Development...  Our
door may as well of been a revolving one this year.

Hatched out a ton of chicks, ducklings and quail.  Those were good times :-)

Intensive crazy planning for Ottawa's first ever Ride for Autism.  This was also a good time!!

Crappy summer vacation.  Ya.  No more vacations going on in this house - unless they are child free.

Bought a trampoline.

Basement flood - and ensuing mold problem.  Wonderful times.  Floor redone, dry wall removed, a ton of work for my already overworked husband.

Hired a babysitter - fire a babysitter.

Roof leak - the cause of which escaped us for a long time.  Eventually got fixed.  More mold problems.

Kevin and I had our 5 year anniversary :-)

Trampoline broke.

Kids started daycare.

I started working outside the home again, to pay for said daycare.

Got a new potbelly pig.  Maggie.

Gave a very moving speech at a charity event - made people cry!  Sure that I got the charity a ton of donations :-)

Quit one of my jobs due to safety concerns.

Opened up the Autism Resource Room in Carleton Place.

Organized our support group's float for the local Santa Clause parade.  Josie melted down as soon as we came to the first group of parade watchers.  Sofia slept through the entire thing.

Furnace broke.

Lived at Kevin's Aunts for a week while furnace got replaced.

Missed Kev's company dinner and Kev's Mom's 50th birthday party.

Caught H1N1 Christmas night.  Myself and the kids were bedridden for 3-4 days.  Kevin escaped it.

Missed Kev's family Christmas dinner.

Speaking of sick - we had at least a dozen colds and one stomach bug this year.  (Kev I believe had 3, maybe 4 stomach bugs.)  Plus the influenza.  Not to mention there were at least 6 ear infections, 2 cases of bronchitis and a throat infection through our house this year.  And I found out I have Fibromyalgia.

Adopted two elderly cats.  Very sweet little girls.

I had at least 3 massive breakdowns throughout the year - luckily I have the best husband in the world :-)

I'm sure that I missed numerous things.  But, it doesn't matter.  The fact is that we had to spend an absurd amount of money that we didn't really have, were ridiculously busy all year, did not have a whole lot of good luck, and were overwhelmed for the majority of the year.

To this I say...

GOODBYE 2013!!!!!!!


HELLO 2014!!!!!!!!!!

I will make you one of the best years ever!  You can try your hardest to make us miserable, but you will not win.  The good WILL outweigh the bad this year!

Starting with Kevin's family's awesome Christmas gift to us - respite care for the girls so that we can go to Vegas for a second honeymoon at the end of March :-)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your whole year 2013 experiences. I know it's just a summery of the whole year but I found it very exciting. Your 2013 was a blast indeed.


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