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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

5 Fundamental, Yet Accidental Ways This Parental Unit Became Less Judgmental!

I had different thoughts back then...

Kevin and I laugh.  A lot.  It's either laugh or cry, right?  So I present to you five things I've learnt to laugh about thanks to autism.  You'll see, I used to be a judgmental, irrational and critical specimen   I aim to change the worlds judgmentalness (is that even a word?) one person at a time!

So here are five things that I stay now laugh and stay calm about...  instead of worry about what Dr. Sears or Dr. Spock would think.

Parents feeding their kids pizza 2 or 3 or 7 times a week - Yah...  My kid is what is called a "resistant eater."  Google it.  My kid will starve herself.  So rather than watching my kid become as scrawny as a stray cat....  I've been guilty of feeding her the only thing I can guarantee she'll eat.  Pizza.  Every.  Single.  Day. 

I just took this picture of our
 recycling bin...
I'm a little embarrassed!

Kids not dressed appropriately for the weather - If you stay inside rather than take your kid outside because they won't wear mitts or a hat...  Cabin fever.  Voices in your head.  Hatred for the four walls surrounding you.  Insanity.  Most importantly perhaps, vitamin D deficiency.

Who needs pants.

Who needs a shirt...

Who needs clothes at all!

The TV being on all day - I accept this.  Toopy and Binoo have become members of my family.  Annoying, repetitive, pantless members of my family.  But hey, I have two kids with autism.  I'm used to it.  See above.

Josie's birthday cake!

Whining instead of talking - I sound like a cd with a scratch in it some days - "Josie use your.  Josie use your.  Josie use your words.  Noises like that should only come from birds.  Speak child.  Speak child.  Speak and make sense.  Don't leave me in suspense!"  I should make a remix of it someday.  I don't know why I keep saying it, it doesn't work.  Maybe she likes my DJ skills and rhyming abilities....  Hmmm....

Talking?  Why talk if I can whine!

Moms running away as soon as their husbands get home from work - If you've read my post to this point...  'Nuff said.

No cat (or Mommy) will ever escape me!

Well, I'm off to feed my improperly dressed children their pizza for breakfast.  Luckily Toopy cannot join us in the dining room...  Both children will be whining about something that I will never be able to figure out...  But at least Toopy won't be joining us.  Counting down the minutes until I can run away....

Until next time!

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