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Friday, 12 April 2013

For Comparison - A Crummy Morning at the Kuhnle Home

Previously I posted a little bit of our normal morning routine, complete with timeline. (Read it if you haven't already!)  Well, last Sunday morning was a crummy morning in our home, and I thought I should show you a bad start to the day, which generally leads to a bad day in general.

Welcome to a crummy morning in our household, a morning I wish hadn't happened!

6:00 AM - Mommy does not wake up. Oh crap.

7:30 AM - Mommy wakes up to both children screaming their heads off.  Double oh crap.

7:31 AM - Mommy rushes up to their bedroom.  Josie is talking in garbled gobble-dee-gook.  No matter how many times she repeats it, Mommy cannot figure out what she's saying.  So Mommy grabs Sofia out of her crib and leaves Josie to her own devices, to come down as she pleases.

7:35 AM - Mommy has Sofia set up with her breakfast. Josie is still upstairs getting upset and speaking in tongues.  Mommy loses her cool and yells.  Triple oh crap.

7:40 AM - Josie decides to come down.  She is still talking in gibberish.  Clearly she is trying to say something, but Mommy still can't figure it out.

7:42 AM - Josie is set up with breakfast.  Josie does not want to eat breakfast.  Josie wants to throw fit after fit after fit.  Mommy leaves the room.

7:50 AM - Mommy returns to  find Josie standing up by the table trying to eat her cereal.  Mommy puts her into her booster.  A tantrum ensues.  More nonsense-speak from the kiddo.  Quadruple oh crap.

8:00 AM - Josie gets really mad.  Mommy decides she is done with breakfast.  Mommy proceeds with diaper changes and getting dressed.  Josie goes along with it, albeit unhappily.

8:15 AM - Vitamin time.  Josie is finally happy for a few brief moments.  Until she is  presented with a new vitamin at the end of her normal ones.  Cue the evil growl noise and floor flop.  Fine.  Mommy gives up, this is the FIFTH kind of calcium she has tried, Josie will just be calcium deficient.  Quintuple oh crap.

8:25 AM - Hair brushing.  Mommy is pleased that this does not go all that bad.  Josie keeps saying "Bubble Guppies" while it's happening, yay real words!  Score one for the team!

8:35 AM - Kids are deposited in the playroom with Bubble Guppies.  Mommy hurries to clean as quick as she can in hopes that she can catch a few moments of peace to herself.  Breathe.....  a second cup of coffee, woot woot!  Score one for Mommy!

There you have it.  This is a crappy start to a day.  All I can do on days like this is try to keep to the routine as much as possible in hopes of turning the day around.  Sometimes it works...  more often then not the whole day is a mess.  I really wish I knew what causes the communication breakdown in Josie.  Maybe some day I'll figure it out!

I am totally open to suggestions on how to help her on days like this!  Believe me, I will try anything!  If you have any ideas please comment!  


  1. So may I ask what if Josie is having a bad morning and you have to do errands do you take her out ? Or is it completely out of the question ? Also how do you deal with the people's reactions if she has a meltdown ?

  2. I generally do not run errands with the kids, except for things like doctors appointments. It is very difficult to handle the two of them by myself in an environment that could be overstimulating. If I had planned to go out and the day started like this, I would not go.

    Peoples reactions used to bother me. I used to avoid taking Josie out because of the looks and stares. My husband has never been bothered by it. After a particularly bad meltdown at Costco (Kev was with us) I just accepted that it would happen. So now I just ignore other people, unless they say something rude.

    Hope that covered your questions. If I missed something let me know!

  3. Thank you I have a better understanding now .
    But I am curious, when Josie has to go to school are you considering home schooling so you know your child is being properly dealt with and comfortable or will you go on to send her to school ?

    1. We will be sending her to public school. The district we are in has a nice, very small school. A member of our support group has her son there, so they are experienced in autism. This makes me feel quite comfortable. I imagine I will be driving her, I'm not sure that she will be able to handle a bus.


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