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Monday, 15 April 2013

An Easter With Autism...

Easter - what kid doesn't love Easter!  Josie loved it last year, and it made sense.  She loves collecting things and arranging them "just so".  We were super excited for Easter, especially since Christmas wasn't too big of a hit with her.  

All the signs that this was not going to go well were there.  Josie had been sick during the week with an incredibly high fever (up to 106 at one point) for three days.  She was suffering a regression, most likely due to the illness.  Her communication skills were pretty much gone, her speech consisted solely of labeling, she just wanted to be swaddled and left alone.

All we could do was hold out hope!  After the kids went to bed, the Easter Bunny paid a visit.  He did an awesome job (if I do say so myself!)  Josie's duckies were incorporated into the mix...  she was even left a chocolate rubber ducky!

Morning came.  The usual stuff happened...  we could tell Josie still wasn't "with" us.  We tried still, and she did enjoy a little springy toy, collected a couple of eggs and played with a windup chick.  That was the end.  She wanted nothing else to do with Easter.  To the point where I had to collect all of the eggs and hide them out of her sight.  

It was very depressing for me.  I know in my heart of hearts that Josie would have loved Easter had autism not chosen to steal her away at that very time.  I felt so bad for her, it just isn't fair that autism can keep her from having these happy childhood memories, keep her from enjoying things that other kids love.  Damn you autism.

All we can do is keep trying!  Once she is fully back to normal we're going to have another egg hunt.  I'm sure she will love it! 

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