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Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Morning at the Kuhnle Home

Life with autism equals life structured.  (At least for us!)  Every morning is exactly the same.  There can be no changes, and Josie lets you know if you do something wrong.

So, I welcome you to a morning at the Kuhnle home!  Here is what the first couple hours of every single day look like:

6:00 AM - Mommy is hopefully waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee in peace and quiet.  She might even get some blogging done.

6:30 - 7:00 AM - Both kids wake up, somehow at the same time?  Mommy goes and gets Sofia out of the crib, Josie follows us down the stairs, all the while labeling every single thing that she see's and getting mad if I don't respond with "Yes, that is a _________."

7:00 - 8:00 AM  - A number of precise steps occur now.

  1. Prepare Sofia's breakfast - Josie brings it to her
  2. Prepare Josie's breakfast - Josie carries her spoon over to eat it.  Breakfast consists of:  A bowl of Chex with almond milk (and probiotics sprinkled in), a cup of juice and a cup of water.  
  3. Kids eat breakfast.  Mommy refills the cereal/water/juice/milk as needed.
  4. Change diapers.
  5. Get dressed.  (no jammy days in this house...  Josie does not allow it!)
  6. Give Josie her absurd amount of vitamins.
  7. Throughout this entire process, Mommy must continue to acknowledge the labeling of everything Josie see's with "Yes, that is a __________"
8:00 AM - The worst part of the morning.  Hair brushing time.  Mommy repeats the phrase "First we brush your hair, then you get to watch Bubble Guppies" over and over while attacking her hair.  The screams and cries that come from her...  you would swear Mommy was doing something evil.  Mommy guesses it is evil to her.

8:15 AM - Turn on Bubble Guppies.  Kids watch TV and play alone for a bit so Mommy can tidy up from breakfast, load/unload the dishwasher, have her third or fourth (or fifth or sixth)  coffee, etc.

So there is a morning with us!  What does your morning look like?  Are you super structured, or go with the flow?  Do your kids hold you to a routine?  I'd love to hear from you!

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