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Monday, 22 April 2013

How I Solved The Lunchtime Dilemma

What time is it?  It's time for lunch!  Maybe.
I was sick and tired of throwing out perfectly good food.  I only ever served foods that I knew she liked, but that didn't matter.  When Josie decides she isn't going to eat something, she isn't going to eat it.  She will starve herself rather than eat something she doesn't want to, even if it is a food she likes.  


I was tied to her whims each day.  Serving up lunch, then 90% of the time throwing out at least half of it.  Wasting perfectly good food (and money!) every single day...  Don't forget she can't tell me what she wants!

Until I got an idea.  A simple idea that took way too long to occur to me.  Enter....  the lunch platter!

Every two or three days (or as needed) I make up a big old platter.  At least two kinds of veggies, two kinds of fruit, two kinds of meat and two kinds of cheese.  I chop it all up, fill up a serving platter, wrap it up and put it in the fridge.  I put a few kinds of crackers into a bowl, wrap it up and leave it on the counter.  Come lunch time I unwrap it all, plop it on the table and let her eat what she wants.  Then I wrap it back up and return it to the fridge.

She eats what she wants each day, and I'm not throwing things out.  Every few days what's left goes in Kev's lunch, and I start all over.  Josie gets to eat according to her whims of the day without frustrating me!

Examples of what I put on the platter:
Carrot sticks
Cucumber slices
Broccoli florets
Pepper slices
Apple slices
Pear slices
Orange segments

The possibilities are endless...  This makes my life easier!  

Suggestions?  Drop me a comment!

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