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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Vitamins, Supplements and Probiotics - Oh My!

We started taking a bit of a biomedical approach with Josie in late January.  For our family, this has involved a number of vitamins, supplements and digestive aids, as well as diet changes and lifestyle changes.  We are very impressed with the results of this approach, and so proud of Josie's improvements since we started!  I will remind you that:  1)  I am not a medical professional and 2)  What works for one child may not work for another.

Josie's vitamin schedule is going to seem ridiculous to some people, but I'm sure others will totally understand.  At the moment she is taking:

Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Omega 3
Digestive Enzymes

The amount she takes is equivalent to 8 gummy vitamins and 1 broken open capsule in the morning, 2 gummies and 1 capsule in the afternoon, and 6 gummies in the evening.
Crazy business!  But for our little girl it is helping big time!   Her cognitive abilities,  speech and communication, and her hyperactivity (just to name a few!) have all been improving.  When she doesn't take them you notice a big difference in her behaviour.

There are a few more supplements I want to add, but they are special order, and a little on the pricey side.  All in due time...

Why do I give her these vitamins?  Why might they be helping?  These are my thoughts and opinions.

Josie, like many children with autism, has atrocious eating habits.  One memorable week she ate nothing but Goldfish crackers!  So, obviously she is likely to be deficient in some vitamins and minerals.   This could make her feel sick and cause her body to be off.  Because of communication problems, this would be expressed as tantrums, meltdowns or complete withdrawel.  (At least for our girl!)

She has always had GI issues, which are definitely helped by the probiotics.

There is research being done about why specific vitamins help some people with Autism even if they are not deficient.   I don't know much about it, it is enough for me that it is helping in our case.

It was an easy decision to give it a try.  There was really nothing to lose except a bit of money -  between $100 and $200 a month, but thats cheap in the world of Autism.  It either would help or not - either way, the side effects would be minimal, and vitamin therapy is very safe as long as you stick to known safe amounts.

For us, this has been almost miraculous in its help!

Anybody think I'm crazy?  Curious about anything?  Leave me a comment!


  1. I sincerley put my heart out to your family and congratulations on being able to deal with it , But if she's having a meltdown how do you get her to take all of those ?

    1. Lol good question. 99% of the time she is happy to take her vitamins because it is ingrained in her routine, and she does not like changes in her morning routine. Honestly though, if for some readon she won't take all (or even any) of them, I let it slide.

    2. Thank you for answering that for me, I am looking to learn about Autism ASD & all different types of children with these conditions.

    3. Thanks Rubber, I think Natural vitamins supplements are the best supplements to include in our regular diet. It’s from natural resources with effective healthcare properties.

  2. Congrats in finding a regimen that works! The amount of vitamins Josie takes may seem ridiculous to most peopel, but when you consider how each individual has different needs, it makes complete sense. It's working for Josie so there's no room to question. Thanks for sharing and I wish you and your family the best! :)

  3. I like your suggestion about the child who have an autism. It really helps the child who have this behavior is to give extra care and love of this child.And you need give another time of them.


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