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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Autism… When Did It Start? Pt. 1 - AKA - Josie, Birth to 1 Year

When did it all start?  This is a question I have spent a lot of time torturing myself with.  When did it get bad, that I know for sure.  Sometime between March and May of 2012 the severity of the situation escalated.  But, when did it start?  How did I not notice?  Looking back, there had been some warning signs for a while.

Josie entered the world on July 26, 2010.  She was a bright eyed, perfect looking baby, with the most beautiful head of hair I had ever seen.  A mirror image of her father’s baby pictures.  I wouldn’t have had her any other way, she couldn’t have been more perfect.  My labour and her delivery were reasonably easy, and we were overjoyed but exhausted parents.

In the weeks that followed, Josie was a great baby, but had a lot of difficulty nursing.  It took about six weeks for us to master that art.  Then, she was colicky for about six weeks.   When she was three months old it passed, and she began sleeping through the night.  She became a very easy baby.

Josie was content to sit in her bouncy chair for hours on end.  She slept well, and didn’t require much one on one attention.  I thought nothing of it, she was just an easy baby right?  Now I wonder if that wasn’t my first sign.  She met and exceeded all of her development milestones, teething at four months, sitting at six months, crawling at 8 months, and taking those first tentative steps just before her first birthday.  She clapped, she waved, she said mama, dada, hi and bye.   She gained weight, and didn’t lose a stitch of her beautiful hair.  Other than her complete willingness to sit by herself and play on her own for an endless amount of time, nothing was out of the ordinary.  To be fair to myself, what first time parent wouldn’t be thrilled to have a baby who didn’t demand constant attention?  Especially after a period of colic?

Knowing what I did now, there were a couple other weird things.  Josie as an infant enjoyed lying down and tossing her head back and forth, back and forth, to the point where my husband worried she was having a seizure.  She also used to do this thing where she would freeze, tense up, and shake.  Little quirks that even today I’m not sure were really signs, but they were definitely my little darlings quirks! 

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