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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My beginning

My story
Well this is my first time blogging, and it's not what i thought it would be about. I thought it would be about cool cars or tools or something. But this feels more important.

I'm a dad, a guy, a tradesman. Note dad came first.
I don't know how long ago, 10 months or so Kim was telling me about all these behavioral issues with Josie, along with speech delay and certain anti social traits. Josie flapped her arms and seemed to live in her own world. I (the one time i wish i was never right) suggested that maybe she's autistic. Only a few Weeks later Kim emailed me and said i may be right. Words you usually like to hear, but not that day.
Now together we face challenges of both raising a young family and fighting to help our daughter communicate and continue developing. I feel, that this autism is a part of my daughter, but she and we will be happy.
I am sharing this to help bring awareness to an issue and challenge that is front and center in my life. If it helps someone else in similar circumstances, or brings hope to some scared parents, that is a bonus

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