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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hats, Boots and Mitts

Oh, what is a Mommy to do?  Apparently hats, boots and mitts do not mix well with sensory issues.  This was not a problem last winter, as Josie hadn't yet developed a lot of her problems...

She has no problem with snow pants, or sweaters and coats.  As soon as I pull out those boots though, the screaming begins.  I have only managed to get the boots on her ONE time, and she promptly kicked them right off.  

Mitts?  Big no go.  Once again, screaming ensues immediately after she sees them.  Should I manage to get them on, they come promptly off.  

The hat problem, I found a solution.  She will leave a balaclava on.  Thank goodness that her aunt and cousin gave her two of them with the hand-me-downs they sent last time.

Any other child would learn by cause and effect.  You don't want to wear mittens?  No problem!  Go on outside!  They quickly see that they are freezing, and allow you to put the mitts on.  Not my child.  Come hell or high water, she is not wearing those mittens.  She would rather have frostbite.  (No, I did not let it get that far, I am not negligent!)  We have tried 3 or 4 styles of mitts/gloves so far, still working on that... 

A lot of children could be enticed to wear their boots by letting them pick out their own at the store.  Nope, not Josie.  She has a fit the second we take off her shoes in the store to try them on.  

She has very low cognitive ability with verbal communication, so there is no reasoning with her.  She does not understand bribery (not that I really would want to go that route!) nor does she understand why she can't play outside without her winter stuff on.

It seems like it's going to be a long, long winter indoors at this rate...  Wish me luck in finding solutions, so we are not trapped in the house for the next few months!

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