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Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Very Ducky Christmas

It's March, and I'm finally just getting around to this post...  I've been super busy and barely get a chance to sit down!  So, even though this is a bit behind, I still wanted to share a bit about our Christmas experience.

Christmas morning began in the usual way....  Cheerios.  Little to no interest in the mass of gifts that appeared under the tree.  No real surprise!  If you follow the blog, you know I had already made the conscious decision to "go with the flow."  So it was all good.  I was a little surprised that the gifts were COMPLETELY ignored - she didn't even care to look at them!

After Cheerios, we managed to get Josie interested in her stocking.  Santa had put a bunch of duckies in it for her!  She also loved the sunglasses!  Santa sure knew what she'd like.

From there on, there wasn't much interest.  She opened a couple of gifts (with a little prodding!)  Every stocking stuffer and gift she unwrapped had a ritual -  feel it, look at Mommy, say "Ducky?", Mommy says "I don't know, why don't you open it?", then finally unwrap.  It was super cute.

We ate brunch with Gramma, Grampa, Nana, Papa and Uncle Cory.  She was surprisingly great about having all those people in the house so early!

Over the next week we managed to generate interest in opening a couple gifts each day.  So it was a loooonnnngggg Christmas!  Her favorite gift was Daddy's gift to Mommy - a new tablet!

So, what I've learned from our very ducky Christmas....
1)  Josie LOVES  Christmas tree's and ornaments and decorations.
2)  Gifts seem to be overwhelming for her.
3)  She loves musical moving decor.
4)  Keeping her base routine really helped.
5)  Going with the flow was sooooo much better than tantrums and meltdowns.
6)  Our Christmas will always be special.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!  (Even if I am a few months behind!)  Any ideas for our next Christmas?  Feel free to comment!

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