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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Activity - Sensory Bags

I kept seeing sensory bags on Pinterest and Facebook.  They looked fantastic!  I thought Josie would really love them, she likes to look and point at things in books. (Yay for pointing!)  So I decided to make some.

My first attempt was a bust!  My first mistake...  Dollarama bags.  Not just that, but they were the slide and lock kind.  Cheap bags - do not do that!  

My second mistake was reinforcing the edges of said bags using packing tape... from the dollar store.  Once again, not a good idea.  

So, my first set leaked all over the place.  But Josie seemed to like them, so I decided to make a second attempt.  This time it went much better, no leakers yet!  Here is how I did it:


Ziploc double zipper freezer bags
Nail polish remover
Paper towels
Little trinkets (ie. buttons, pompoms, small animal figures, googly eyes, beads etc)
Food Colouring
Duct Tape


Step 1

Remove the writing from the ziploc bags by using a bit of nail polish remover and the paper towel.  Zoila!  Who'd of thought?

Step 2

Put duct tape around the three sealed edges of the bag (for reinforcement.)

Step 3

Put trinkets into the bags.  I did 8 bags, they were:  Alphabet, numbers, dinosaurs, farm animals, wild animals, googly eyes, frogs, and a mixed bag with pompoms, buttons, etc.  Also add glitter and/or sequins if desired.

Step 4

Squeeze liquid soap into the bags.  I did about 8 squeezes per bag.  Yes, I counted.

Step 5

Add food colouring if desired.

Step 6

Remove as much air as easily possible, then seal the bags WELL!  Make sure they are completely sealed.

Step 7

Put duct tape on last remaining edge to keep it well sealed.

That's it!  Play with the bags and enjoy!  

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