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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Autism and the Sickie Chickie

I sit here writing this post with a little sick chick wrapped in a dishcloth tucked into my bra.

Why you may ask?  

Well the poor little bugger was acting peculiar from hatching, and we thought he was going to die.  We went to bed figuring he would pass away through the night.  Low and behold, the next morning he was still alive...  but still struggling.  Clearly he was not as sick as we thought.  I now suspect he has wry neck, a very fixable problem.  He'll require a lot of care for a short amount of time.

Your next question may be "What does this have to do with autism?"

Well, nothing really.  However I think it has a lot to do with our family's philosophy's and parenting style.  Caring for this little chick reminded me of what our family stands for.

We nurture and encourage growth, rather than accepting things will not change.

We stick together, through the thick and thin, through the better and worse.

We care deeply about each other.

We treat our animals as family, and we will do anything for family.

When one of us needs help, we all pitch in in every way possible.

We try and treat issues the best way we can, in the most loving way possible.

We always try our best at everything we do.


We never give up hope!

So this chick will live in my bra as long as it takes.  He also resides in a sock in a cup when he's not in my bra :-)  

Hopefully we can help him.  And if we can't, at least we did our best, and stayed true to ourselves.  

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