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Friday, 31 May 2013

Sickie Chickie Update

Yesterday I posted about Sickie Chickie.  Not two minutes after I wrote the post, published it and shared it to my Facebook page, he passed away.  It was very peaceful, cradled in my hands.

I thought I would be sad, upset, hurt and devastated.  Instead, I felt at ease, comfortable and acceptance.  I had a feeling that is very rare for me - that everything happens for a reason.  This is a philosophy I never hold much stock in... but perhaps this experience changed that.

Maybe this chickie was hatched and presented to me for a reason.  To remind me of our family's values and philosophies.  To teach me that we can truly only do the best that we can.  To reinforce my belief that EVERYBODY deserves help.

It seems to me that it is absurd that I felt serene after the passing of an animal that I was taking such careful care of.  But that is how I felt.  I think it is because I followed through with my heart,  tried to help him, and kept him calm and peaceful for his short time with us.

Sickie Chickie reminded me of a lot, and taught me a lot.  Pretty amazing for a 3" little critter with a disability who only lived for a mere 72 hours.

I am proud of him.

I hope that my two children, who are less than 3', who have autism and will live a much longer life than that little guy can teach and remind the world of what is important.

I am proud of them too.

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