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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ode To My Daughters Eating Habits

Goldfish, Pringles, Arrowroots
What I want her to eat is moot.
Pop tarts, Cheerios, toast
Forget about potatoes and roast!
Broccoli, carrots, olives
All she needs to live.

Nevermind I love to bake and cook,
One look is all it took,
To evoke the dreaded snarl and look
That cannot be mistook
For anything less than pure disgust
I made an item she doesn't trust!

No meat, no noodles, no rice
Cooked veggies, soup - no dice!
No cookies, no oatmeal, no cake
Forget about chicken, pork or steak
Oh for goodness sake!
Beans, stew, potatoes - nay!
Salad, meatloaf, ice cream - no way!
But takeout pizza or Subway is okay!

Every item she eats is up in the air
What she loves one day
Easily becomes thrown away
As something for which she doesn't care


Anybody else with a picky eater?  Give me your tricks and tips!

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