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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Book Review - Could It Be Autism?

To date, the best resource book I have found is called "Could It Be Autism?  A Parent's Guide To The First Signs And Next Steps" by Nancy D. Wiseman, Founder and President of First Signs, Inc.

This book contains a wealth of information about Autism and other developmental delays, and speaks in an easy to understand way.  It is full of anecdotes from parents and herself regarding their children and what have been through.  It does not set out to scare a parent, rather it informs.

"Could It Be Autism?" has a fantastic key milestone check list, complete with lots of suggestions of ways to help your child improve.  It has full screening tests printed within it, so that a parent can easily see if their child has any red flags they should be aware of.

There is thorough information regarding diagnosis and treatment - it is an American book so things are somewhat different here in Canada, but the information is still relevant.

My favourite thing about this book - it strongly supports parents and advocacy.  This book made me feel empowered, and assured me that what I was doing was right.  It gave me a boost when I was feeling down.

The First Signs website contains an incredible amount of information and resources for any parents who is concerned about Autism or developmental delays.  I strongly recommend checking it out!

I borrowed "Could It Be Autism?" from my local library.  It is available on Amazon.

I want to assure you that this review contains my unbiased opinion, I have not been paid for it, nor has anybody asked me to do it.  I just wanted to share a wonderful resource with you!

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