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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My Daughter's Hair

"She's going to need glasses!" 
"No wonder she's crying, she can't see!"
"Her bangs need to be trimmed..."

The first two comments, I can assure you, are not true.  The last one, well it is true.  But there is literally nothing I can do, short of holding Josie down and traumatizing her... and even then, I don't think I could get them trimmed.

Josie  has a thing about her hair.  She loves to twist it around her fingers, rub it against her face, pull on it...  Like any other kid, only Josie does it a lot.  At times, it is obsessive for her, and of great comfort.

She does not like having her hair cut.  This started a year ago...  At first, she just cried a bit.  Then each time we took her to get it cut it got progressively worse.  Now, you can't even bring her with you when you get your own hair cut!  I assure you, this is beyond the normal toddler being a little upset about it.  It is a horrible experience for both us and her.  It traumatizes her.

In the grand scheme of life, does having her hair cut matter?  No, not at this point.  Having her bangs so long actually has an added bonus - I can now tie her hair up without her freaking out because she can play with her bangs.  

I am not a bad mother who neglects to cut her daughters hair.  There is no research proving that long bangs actually harm your eyesight.  She is not crying because she cannot see, she is crying because she has a hard time with anything outside of her normal routine.  Yes, I am aware she needs her bangs trimmed.  I choose not to do anything about it.  It is in my daughters best interest, and in mine.

So, for now we are letting them grow.  They are almost long enough to tuck behind her ears, which I'm sure will end a lot of the comments from unknowing people.  Josie's hair is beautiful, it is so long, full, thick, and cute.  Frankly, I like it just the way it is!

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