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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Pumpkins and Gourds

A cute little side story for you.  One of Josie's obsessions is pumpkins and gourds.  She just loves them.  Why?  I do not know.  This particular interest is not as strong as some of her others currently.  

One time Grampa and Gramma gave her a pumpkin to bring home, because she loved to play with them when we visited.  Let me tell you, that pumpkin went everywhere with her!  She pushed it in the stroller, gave it rides in the jeep, swung it on the swing, put it on a chair and sat beside it...  We used to joke that it was her best friend!

Until one day...  the stem fell off.  While Josie was napping one day, we had to throw it away...  For a long time after that, she didn't have a pumpkin.  So she went back to having a stick for a best friend, as she did before the pumpkin.  Haha!  It is very cute.

When pumpkins came out this year, we decided to buy another one for her.  (Well actually we bought her two!)  Kev even drew faces on them for her.  They did not hold the same allure for her that original Pumpkin Man did.

Instead, she decided she liked the gourds that I bought for a centerpiece.  Those went all over the house, and did all sorts of things with her.  Her favorite thing was to give them rides in her little push along car.  She still has a little white pumpkin-like gourd in her bedroom.

I even convinced her to get in the car to go on a trip to Toronto by bringing along four gourds.  

While her obsessions may be bizarre, they provide humour and are certainly adorable!

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