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Monday, 26 November 2012

Out Of The Fog...

I suspect the hardest part of this situation is over.  Josie has mostly been lifted from her "fog".  She still has periods of time where she just wants to be alone, which I am assured is okay.  Knock on wood, it has been a couple weeks since that has been an all day thing.  She almost always recognizes and acknowledges the presence of other people (especially her sister).  She runs to Daddy when he gets home!

She is far more communicative, although a lot of her communication is still a "fail", in that it is not understandable.

Her meltdowns are still present, however I have figured out the best ways to deal with them, and how to cope with them.

She has some self-harm issues, currently with hitting her own head on the floor and biting herself.

Sensory issues still remain one of the biggest challenges for us.  It seems as though the times when she needs to be alone are somehow related to having a sensory overload, and that is her way of coping with it.

Communication still remains an issue, but we have made great strides.

She has developed some pretend play and imagination skills.

Change is still, and probably will always be, a problem.

She continues to have unusual attachments to strange objects, has repetitive movements, toe walks, and that kind of thing.  But really, is that hurting anybody?

So, well I don't think we're going to have a free ride here on out, I do think that things are going to get a little bit (make that a lot!) easier.  We also have the help of a speech therapist, and a behavioural development program.  Hopefully we can soon add an occupational therapist to the list!

I still engage in roughly 2-4 hours of therapy per day with Josie, Monday through Friday, and will continue that.  

I am very grateful that we recognized what was going on so early, and that I undertook working with her on my own.  Had I waited for help to be available, I don't think success could have occurred so quickly.  

A huge thank you to everybody who has helped me, and who continue to help me!  And, thank you for letting me share our story with every one of you!  The continued support of my blog has helped me immensely.  I'm so glad to be able to share some good news with all of you, and hope to be able to share more and more good news as our journey continues!     

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