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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sounds Sensory Activity - Shaking Easter Eggs!

Josie has a number of sensory issues.  Depending on the day, it could be issues with sound, touch, taste,  smell or visual.  I try to do activities with her to practice with her senses, try to get her used to different sensory "overloads", and help her develop ways to cope with them.

One activity that I did, which she absolutely loved (and still loves!) was to make her "shakers."

Step 1
Collect leftover easter eggs from Easter, or buy some.

Step 2
Collect a number of food items (I only used foods in case any eggs broke, I have a baby who loves to stick everything in her mouth!)

Step 3
Find some electrical tape.

Step 4
Fill the eggs with the food items (about half full.)

Step 5
Seal eggs with electrical tape

Step 6
Shake your little hearts out!

Some things to try filling the eggs with:  rice, lentils, jubejubes, crackers, candies, couscous, pasta, goldfish crackers, popcorn kernels  popped popcorn, gummy bears, cereals, chocolate chips... The possibilities are endless!

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